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Illustration friday


A month of softies

Here is Alice she is my entry for the month of softies she didnt turn out quite as I had hoped. but for a first effort I'm reatty proud!

Been gone a while!

WE GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!

This is Ziggy! We ot him a week ago he is 3 months old you can check out his dogster page here
He is a good dog, we just need to get past potty training and teething. more pics to come

Must pull away from Sims 2

For the last few days I have been doing nothing but playing with my sims, I feel like such a slug.
my eyes are burning from looking at the computer screen!
yeah I need a new pic but I havent taken any pictures for a while which is odd for me! I think I'm in a creative slump. oh well maybe some sleep will fix that.

Sad couple of days

This is dodger he came to say with us for a day.

He was a 'stray' that a friend of ours almost hit. So we named him dodger. He is a sweet puppy probably about a year old. we were ready to keep him. But we wanted to take him to a vet to see if he had a chip. If you notice the blue rug that he is on that is now gone. About 1:30 on thurs morning he threw up all over the rug. There was no cleaning it up. He was sick all night I stayed up with him all night. Nick got really attached. I didnt want to incase he already had a family. When I took the dog to the vet he did indeed have a chip and he went home. It was sad Nick and I are going through doggy withdraw. We are going to get one this spring once we finish the fence. We were happy to know Dodger. But I'm glad he had a chip and went home.

Illustration Friday

Still trying to learn illustrator:
here is my thing for illus. Friday!


Ok so after a long argument over affirmative action I have decided that it might not be such a bad thing after all. The problem is not with the individuals that are affected by it, but the system that has been in place for the last 400 years and now as members of society we have to correct this!

I'm really not in a mood to do the whole rant thing again. Just know it's a good thing :)
Also did some work on a dance called trip to sligo. My calves are killing me. But that too is a good thing! I am starting work on a new solo dress, this is exciting! And I am actually looking forward to dance. Whoo Hoo!!!!!

Oh yeah and new hard shoes: KICK ASS!!!!! That is ones that fit!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I think that's it. Here is your pic!

I took this at a friends wedding, that we photographed. And well I just like it!

The new toy

This is the new toy that nick got my for my birthday!
It's so little and cute!

Photo Friday Part 2

This is my second submission for photo friday.,
This is from my driving at night series.

Pictures + dress for sale

Here is the neighbor's cat last summer, I have a whole series of these.

I did not take this one, Nick , My husband did. Dec. 19th 2004 I just love it!!!!!!!!

Finaly this dress is for sale. It's is a women's 14-16ish
It has a short waist to it.
I'll take your best offer let me know if you are interested!

IE sucks too

Ok so check it:

I am a liberal Democrat. That's right I said it!
I am a baby killin, same sex lovin, anti-war, tax and spend liberal! And I am DAMN proud of it!!!
so check out the social security link on the right as well as the American deaths. This is why IE sucks the java that is used by the death toll thing screws up my header,
So be like the cool kids
use Mozilla Fire Fox!!!
I'm working on pictures to upload.
Should be up shortly!

Mac's SUCK!!!!!

Arg, so I got an I pod for christmas and now all of the sudden it's going awol on me. I HATE MACs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also sorry for the down time, Nick redid alotof stuff with the servers here at home.


Just think "So I married an ax murderer"

any way
I just finished the head for my month of softies entry

The Pattern cut out

The pieces thus far

I know the needles thru the eyes are a little creepy. but here is the hand sticking on the face. the nose is off center but I think it gives her character!

And finally the face is stuffed and done, I just might me done. I haven't hand stacked in a long time.

Photo Friday

So yeah I'm a busy beaver this morning.
here is my firt post for photo friday:

Illustration Friday

Here is a three second sketch for Illustration friday may work on later but here it is:

Also I am starting work on a softie
this image is my inspration:

We will see what pops out!

Irish Dancers and a Piper to boot!

Here is your pic for Feb. 1

I am working on a drawing for illustration Friday. hopefully will be up soon.


Thats me on the right in the red.