Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hmmm, how do you sum it all up?

I mean....
Where to start?!?
Since I last posted, the county has gone to hell in a hand basket! I have never in my life been embarrassed to be an American. NEVER. Well given the actions of President Trump, I am.
Although the good thing that has come from this is that I have been more politically active then I have ever been in my entire life.

I participated in my first "protest" here in Lexington, I was a proud pussy hat wearing nasty woman!!
I have also written and called my senators. Also something I have never done before, and to be honest it obviously didn't make a difference.

In other news, I have started a new Instagram account if you would like to follow it @nerdymommastitches

I have really enjoyed crocheting. It has kept me off line which is honestly a good thing!

Otherwise I have completely failed at My Peak Challenge. However the beauty is we can always start again tomorrow.

I have com to the conclusion that I can only fix one part of my self at a time. So I am starting with Time Management. Once I get that done. I will move on to something else.

So what have you been up to? What are you trying to fix or change about your self?


Friday, January 06, 2017

Happy Planner makes me Happy!!

As we end the first week of 2017 I have to say that this planner right here is the best thing EVER!

My best friend turned me on to this planner after another friend of hers turned her on to it. It seriously has EVERYTHING and a week into it I'm already finding I need the expander rings I mean seriously! It may be starting to become a problem!

So why the sudden obsession? Well I have joined My Peak Challenge. Http://  And one of my personal challenges is to get my life organized in all aspects. This one awesome, amazing planner is the best. I am able to track my day, my new healthy recipes, and my exercise and food.  I am also looking at the home planner expansion to help me with another one of my challenges, to get this house back in order!! I mean y'all this house is a mess!

So what do I love so much about this planner?

1. Its pretty! I mean seriously it makes me feel productive and happy just looking at it :)
2. There are a thousand and one ways to customize this planner! You can even customize things your self not even buying the stuff at the store.  For instance I am in the process of making a photographers add on AND a Disney Travel agent add on... and possibly a Disney trip planner.
3. Stickers! and pretty ones at that. I love the ones you can buy at the store and they are awesome but did you know you can print your own?!?!?
I am in love with these Tsum tsum stickers from Lovely Planner.
I'm just waiting for the snow to clear a bit so I can go to Staples and by some sticker paper!

Here is a look at what I am using it for. I really need to work on my hand lettering to make it totally awesome... but still I'm in love!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It all starts... Tomorrow!

So as I sit here at 8:30pm. I have decided to get my house/life back in order!! I am so fing sick of being overwhelmed. At this point I would just be happy to be whelmed, LOL So keep an eye out for (hopefully) daily posts :)

via">">via GIPHY

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New name, Same old me

Ok so its been three years... I believe this is what is known as suicide in the blog world. None the less I am back! Whooty Whoot!

So to pick up where we left off, the boy is 5!! How in Gods name did that happen so fast!
Nick and I are running a successful photography business and life is pretty awesome!

Now that the name has changed what will I be blogging on. Well I'm not sure. Probably a little politics because who can resist bad mouthing TRUMP. My sweet boy and the struggles as we try to conceive another sweet addition. A little photography, and perhaps some cooking/home/crafty stuff.

So if your still around THANKS!! If not maybe we can grab a few new people!

Love ya!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

....And were back... I think...

So here's the deal... I keep looking over my old posts and its mostly me apologizing for not being here... No one wants to read that and I don't want to write that. So I'll write what I can when I can.
Here are the updates
  • C will be 3 in February... How in the heck did that happen?!?!
  • I was down 35 pounds in the spring, but managed to pop 10 of that back on... boo!!! So now me and myfitnesspal are best friends :)
  • We went to Las Vegas and Disney World this summer, It was a total blast!!
  • I'm teaching the 3-6 year old class with my Irish Dance Class
  • My photography business is doing quite well and I'm loving every min.
  • I am trying like the dickens to get this house into some sort of organization.
Alright thats it... something more soon :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yup I'm a slacker. But let me tell you this little guy is a little tornado. There is NO rest for the weary! So lets start with me :)
I'm fat. Yup thats what I just said I am fat. I am on my way though to not being FAT! I've joined weight watchers and have lost 9 pounds in the last 2 and half weeks. My goal is 100 pounds. So wish me luck! If I can ever get on the band wagon I hope to post a pic every week with measurments and weight. :)
Let's see what else is going on? Well my step-grandfather passed away and now I am in the process of trying to sell the house in BFE Kentucky. So wish us luck!!!
I'm rambling, I have a sinus infection and it has penetrated my brain.
Will post tomorrow on one topic. Hopefuly my brain will function a bit better! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Photo Collage

Following simple as that's example. I have finished my first January Collage!

from top left

  •  Connor's first New Year
  • A sea Dragon at the Georgia Aquarium
  • Fitz
  • Connor at the Atlanta Zoo
  • Connor and Nick at the Atlanta Zoo
  • Connor with rice all over his face and in his first big boy bath
  • The lexington Irish Dancers at the Rose of Tralee Ceili.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shit Mom Bloggers Say

I hate to say it but this it's more true than not.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Simple things sunday

Simple thing that makes me smile...

My son. I smile every time I see him. He is the sweetest best natured little boy ever. I love him to pieces.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Target Tuesday - Fashion Jewlery

Fashion Jewlery.

Ok so I just adore these! I dont really know why, I'm not normaly in to skulls and such.