Monday, April 28, 2008

So here I sit... All broken Hearted...

So I really dont have much to report. We are on hold until CD28. Which will be May 7th.
Does any one out there know why they cant just go ahead and start the provera now?

K, thanks bye now.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Song challenge

The first 10 songs that come up when I put the zune on shuffle:

  1. Frank Sinatra - Night and Day
  2. GrassMasters - Get Over It
  3. Hairspray sdk - Come So Far
  4. Sweeny Todd sdk - Wait
  5. Across the Universe sdk - Let It Be
  6. Chieftains - Coast of Malabar
  7. GrassMasters - Albatross
  8. Billy Curlington - I've Got a Feeling
  9. Across the Universe sdk - Something
  10. New Kids on the Block - Cover Girl

Well Shit...

We are out for this month.
We went in and the follies just didn't grow. I of course cried. And the nurse was SO sweet and offered me a shoulder to cry on.
So lets list the goods from this:
  1. We dont have to pay for the IUI, this is good we were running a bit short this month
  2. takes the stress off for a few more weeks.
  3. I was told that I have the Ovaries of an 18yr old.

now the bads:

  1. I'm not responding to the clomid... that worries me
  2. we are out, and yet another month to have to wait!
  3. My lining is still thin

So I guess we are pretty even.

thats it...

Monday, April 21, 2008

new blog

Hey guys in an attempt to keep the uber personal crap out of this blog.. If any one cares you can check out...

Hope to blog more here soon... Found something today that just blew my socks off!!!


Well, I don't quite know what to think...I guess nothing.

DH and I went in for the ultrasound this morning. I was nervous but hopeful...

I walk in at 9:10 (my apt was at 9:30) much to my delight they take me back right away! So I undress and we have idol chatter back and forth... yadda, yadda, yadda. so I lay back prop my feet up in the unforgiving stirrups and she sticks the light saber up there. now I don't know how in the hell they can tell what is what but hey I will go with it.

So she is poking around and on one ovary she sees 25+ follicles all at about 5mm She said that I was the kind that was scary to induce ovulation because of that. but these are all too small for the IUI so she keeps looking...and finds one at 8mm. Still not good! So she pokes on the other side, to find the same thing. She also says that my uterus lining is very thin.

SO the out come of today is that I have added an estrogen patch to thicken up the lining. and will have another ultra sound on Friday.

So not good, not bad.

I hate this wait and see shit.

stay tuned more to come

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 5...

So the most bizarre thing happened... Some one turned off the spicket.
Af was here for EXACTLY 5 days and then bam. Someone turned it off. Strange...
Other then that the clomid is there not too hormonal I don't think... May have to ask DH :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well the every day thing has been shot to Hell...

Happy Sunday afternoon,
It is 4:30pm and I am happy to say that I have been up, out of bed for a total of an hour and a half.

Ok so on to the fertility stuff...
The F-ing HAG showed on Thursday Morning. I knew she was coming and boy was she pissed! So on Friday I call the doc. I have an apointment for my first sonogram to see how many mature folicles I have on April 21st. The day after DH's birthday.

I am excited and nervous as hell. I so hope this will work. 2 years is long enough to wait!
I started the clomid yesterday and can already tell that I am a hormonal mess. ***Sigh***
So here is hoping!.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Getting to the IUI

Hello my peeps....
So if you came back after the book long post...THANKS!
So DH and I are on our way to an IUI. I have started this a wee bit late BUT... Long story short... I was put on provera to induce my period. I took my last pill on sunday. Now as I understand it my period should be here some time between now and sunday... So Here is hoping so we can move on to the next step.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Welcome...The First Post... Background

Hey Kids...

One of my Favorite Cousin in laws (there are quite a few) suggested that I start this blog to chronicle my adventures in the unforgiving world of infertility.

So here goes...The Story of my life thus far.

Lets start at the beginning... I am born...

I was conceived in Myrtle Beach S.C. in April/May of 1980. My Mother was from far Eastern Kentucky and my Father was from a steel town in West Virginia. My Parents met at the University of Kentucky in 1972(?...Dad may need to correct year) and were married on December 14th, 1973 (again "I think"...) They lived and worked together in Lexington, Kentucky. After a 'few' years of marriage they decided it was time for a child and got preggers... Well that child was not to be and was miscarried. Well now we come to myrtle beach, I then decided to come in to being.

I was born on January 27th, 1981, at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, KY.

Now the middle... I grew up...

After a few evil nurses (namely Ginny Vickers *I think )they let my mother and I go home. It was there that I resided for the next 21 years of my life. I loved that house, it was a wonderful! It was a 3 bedroom 2 and 1/2 bath house in the SE end of Lexington. Very sub-burbified.

I would say that I had a happy spoiled child hood. I didn't really want for much. In fact the only thing that I can think of that I never got was a pair of roller blades, but that was only because I refused to to wear the helmet and pads (It wasn't cool).

The Present... Infertile Myrtle

Well while in high school at Lafayette, I met my husband. A wonderful man!

We were married on September 25th, 2004. We had a very stressful first year. I found out on Mothers day 2005 that my Mother was dying of Lung Cancer (yes she smoked, like a chimney). This was literally the END of my child hood. Actually it was the death of part of my soul. My mother was my rock, my best friend. That killed me inside for long time. I went in to a deep ugly depression for about a year and a half.

Well...On April 20th, 2006 (DH's Birthday) we decided to start a family. And low and behold 11 days later, I got a positive pregnancy test. I was floored excited and scared! Well we go the the doctor 8 weeks later for the first ultra sound and guess what NOTHING was there. The doc said it was a chemical pregnancy.

Well I was on a mission...I was gonna get pregnant if it killed me! So here we are almost exactly 2 years later and no frickin baby.

If you have made it this far I applaud you! I plan to chronicle every day from this point on. So please stay tuned.

Thanks so much for stopping by :)