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Amazing desert in an hour!

My husband told me last night that he needed a desert for today. Well as I was making it I thought I would share with you my super easy Christmas wreath cake. I've been making this cake for years, and its always a hit!

So here we go. Take a box of chocolate cake mix I like the Betty Crocker Chocolate Fude Bake to directions I put mine in a bunt cake pan so that it has a wreath look to it. but you should just as easy do this with a sheet cake.

Once the cake has cooled,  take a regular can of frosting. I like the classic white from pillsbury but any will do. And put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir if its not totaly melted but it back in for 15 seconds. Then pour very slowly around the cake. I use about half of the container.

Next get the baby candy canes at your super market the ones that are in the loose celophane.

Take a spoon a and wack the candy cane with the back of the spoon. It should be in tiny little pieces when you are done. I used 3 of these tiny candy canes …

Twilight Link up!

1. Are you going to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight release? No, but I did last year. Having a 9 month old makes it slightly difficult! 2. Scene you're most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?  um, hello!!! The sex scene! Naked Edward, yes please!

3. Team Edward or Jacob?  Edward, like there is even a question!
4. Favorite book in the Saga?  Eclipse
5. Favorite character in the series and why?  Love me some Jasper and Alice. They are just so darn Cute!!

6. Why do you love Twilight? because it's an easy brainless read and actually makes me want to be a teen again.

7. Are the books or movies better? books. they always are.

8. What do you dislike about the series? Lack of, ah hem... details!!!

9. Your craziest fan moment. Not to crazy compared to most but for me it was going to the theatre and watching all 3 films in a row last year. my ass was NUMB!

10. Do you have a Twilight collection? just the books and the movies.



I am getting back to photography!! I am so excited to be doing something other than being a mom! Check out my facebook page.
While your there check out my new cousin, Alexis Jade :) She is so pretty and just perfect!
Other than that I am trying desperately to get my house is some sort of shape for the holidays, and trying, trying, trying to blog more. This shouldn't be this hard should it? I keep having these great ideas for a blog post and then a month later, yeah still in my head.
So heres hoping for atleast one update a week! :D   

Oh Pinterest!!!! and other updates

I must say that I am a total addict!!! I am on this page almost as much if not more so than face book!! If you want to visit my page here it is :) So far I have done two of my many pinned projects both to be blogged about soon depending on how long the kiddo sleeps! Which brings me to the lack in blogging. The child won’t sleep!!! I take that back, he sleeps like a jewel at night. But there are no naps during the day...none. A problem I am trying to remedy. Now that he is crawling, pulling up and even cruising he gets tired more easily making a nap possible. The down side is that there is about a half hour of crying this precedes the nap.
We had a photo shoot last Saturday at the portrait shop. If you are in the Lexington Area I would highly recommend them. We get to view the pictures on Saturday and I cannot wait!!! I really need to blog more… I want to tell you all everything but I don’t want a huge novel-esc post.
Let’s just say momma will try to do bett…

True Life: I'm a Mom Blogger!

I didn't intend on becoming a mom blogger but hey when you quit your job and become a SAHM what else could you be??? :) Here are some pics of my awesome kiddo!

Here he is at 20 Weeks :)

Me and kiddo just a few min after he was born! :) I however am a hot mess.

Just before coming home.

First day home. Me, Connor and Fitz asleep on the couch.

In his UK blue snuggling with mom.

One of my most favorite pictures

First smile I got on camera

Connor in his McLeod Tartan at around 4 months
 About 2 weeks ago at almost 6 months!
So yeah if you go through the posts since Feb. With the exception of my Target Tuesdays they are all about my baby boy so I guess I have infact become a mom blogger :) 

Gearing up for fall

Todays post is all the things I am looking foward to this fall. I LOVE fall, I love watching the trees turn, the smell in the air the promise of christmas in the air! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

The leaves changing colors. Here in Kentucky this is one of the most beautiful sights!

Finding the perfect pumpkin at Boyd Orchards! I can not wait to take Connor out there this fall :)

Kentucky Football Games. We have one of the worst teams in the SEC and we are still devoted. No matter how much UK athletics wants to raise the price we like idiots keep coming back for more. Why? Well it's more than the game it's self, it's a tradition I've been going to these games for the last 27 years I dont know what I would do on a home game saturday if I wernt at the stadium tailgating! Which is the other reason to go! The smell of the grils the random C-A-T-S being yelled from accross the parking lot. I LOVE IT!!

Jeans, Boots and Sweaters! These are my favorite clothes to wear! I love feeling snuggle…

yup, I'm a slacker!

I have to tell you this teething stuff is FOR THE BIRDS!!! I have been so tired lately that I can not even see straight let alone blog.

So while the urchin is asleep let me fill you in.

One tooth has broken the surface while the rest continue to torment my child. The home improvement project is still in full effect! Hopefully we will be able to get the drywall up this weekend and paint next weekend.

Connor won his division in the Star Kids competition I am so proud of my handsome Baby!!!

Also we finally got a picture of Connor in the McClure crib. This crib has been passed down for ever in my husbands family I can not even tell you how many generations have slept in that bed. With that we also put in a quilt that nicks great - grandmother on his mom's side made so we have both sides of his family represented.

Connor is back at The Little Gym for the fall semester and we have started at Gymboree for their Music class! Connor has really showed an interest in music so we have been …


Well I have this new design, and I feel like I should post more but I have NOTHING to post about no recipies, no travel, nothing so I guess I will do my Target Tuesday and call it good enough :) I do however have some stuff coming down the pike so there will be posts to come! I promise!!! Check back next week for the next adventure!!!

Target Tuesday: Home Decor

Since we are doing a massive Renovation on our den I thought I would highlight the home decor!

I'm not sure I would use all of these pieces together as there is alot of black, but I really like them all :)


S'mores Pie... FAIL

So I found this wonderful recipe over at Simply Made...with Love.
Well it looked easy enough and fun for a July 4th weekend project.

It started out easy enough...

I gathered the ingredients
pressed the cookies into the pie pan...
Filled it up with marshmallow cream  (This is where the fail happened.... Way to much marshmallows!!!)

Put in my chocolate bars Then rolled out the Cookie topper and put it in the oven at 350 for 15 min...

This is what I came back to!

Lesson learned! Will try again tomorrow with less fluff!!!!!!


well its Friday the 1st of July and I think now would be as good of a time as any to reflect on the last 6 months.
Well 30 was different from every other birthday so far :) As seems to be the status with my friends we all hit 30 and end up in the hospital! The day after my 30th I ended up in the hospital with Pre-eclampisa and was put on bed rest until the kiddo arrived.
Mr. Connor Arrives at 11:32 PM on Sunday Feb. 13! 28 min short of Valentines day. Yes this is a good thing! I did not want a valentines baby and the wonderful doctors and nurses knew that so when it became obvious that a C-Section was needed that wheeled me in there so that the kiddo would be born before Valentines day! Got to love that!!!
The rest of the month was a blur of baby and no sleep and honestly I cant tell you another thing that happened :)
UK did great in the SEC and NCAA finals I remember them being on and watching them and cheering but I cant tell you much more than that. Except Co…

I love Tuesdays!!

Why you ask?
Well I'll tell you!
On Tuesdays the kiddo and I go to The Little Gym for their bugs (4-10 mos.) class. Connor seems to enjoy meeting the other kids as well as the songs and movement. We do front rolls, back rolls, hang from a bar, walk the balance beam, and all sorts of fun stuff for the half hour. I love it because the class was over at 12:45 and it is now 3:15 and the child has been asleep this whole time! Now I know this sounds bad but the poor thing has been teething for the last week and just cant seem to get a good nap in.

So much for trying to do at least weekly updates...

I will try to do better not that I think any one is reading this but I like to think that there are a few closet lurkers out there ;)
So whats been going on?
I worked my last two weeks and am now officially a Stay at Home mom. This is something that had terrified me before but now that I'm here, I know that it is the best decision I could have ever made. I love staying home with my little boy! I love watching him discover new things and the joy that it brings him. In the last month he has started to smile, giggle, reach for things, and is starting to tolerate his tummy time. He still hasn't turned over but I think this is soon to come.

 I hope to be able to blog a bit more about all that is going on with in the next few days... kiddo is up from his nap....

Target Tuesday #3

This week for Target Tuesday I am sharing what I would like on my new deck that the hubby and FIL built!

Project 31: Day 3. A photo that makes you happy

The first photo of my husband and son. The two loves of my life.

Target Tuesday #2

So for the weeks Target Tuesday, since I am in the summer mood I thought I would do the Calypso Edition!

   CALYPSO St. Barth for Target® Elephant Teapot - Blue