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First Bridal Show: Check!

Nick and I did our first bridal show as presenters. It was fun! It's kind of cool knowing that you have the lowest prices and this is so because we dont have a studio. so we have plenty of room to have lower prices. The response was very good.
On another note...
My wedding dress will be in monday or tuesday so that is exciting!!!!!!
Also I have 6 invites to gmail if you want one email me!

Thats it pictures from the show to follow!

Quarter Life Crisis

Ok so I've been told that my little funk that I am in is a quarter life crisis! Hence now that school is over, I'm moving on to the next chapter of my life! Oh I'm in to full scale wedding panic! Here are the beginnings of the flower girl baskets.

It's still in the process, I'm still trying to figure out how to get rhinestones in here! The ribbon is Nicks Tartan since his mother vetoed the kilts I'm getting that tartan in at EVERY turn!!!!!!
Also have to pick pictures, have to finish the bridal shower favors, have to finish the bridesmaid gifts, and have to get the stupid dress in ARG!!!! Note to all of you out there! ELOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's all for today!

NOW WHAT!?!?!?!?!

So I just got a letter from the college of communications saying that I have completed all requirements for my BA in telecommunications, and that I will receive my diploma in early to mid October! I should be psyched! But no, now I am more depressed! I am in a retail job that I loved because they worked with my school schedule, and that was great. Now however, I am just there, I have no where to go. School is over.
It's a strange feeling. Your whole life is planned out for you, preschool,grade school, middle school, high school, college. But after that it's kind of like your an adult make your own decisions! And well I don't wanna! I've put in full time applications but so far have heard nothing. And well I'm scared is this what the rest of my life is to be. I am to grow up and go to a job and come home to my husband and that's it! I'm too young for this! I'm only 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong love nick more then anything and I cant wait t…

well the bleh day just got worse

I get to work and get a call froom my bank saying that I am over drawn then I spill bbq sauce on my pants at lunch, and then the new girl drives me nutzo!!!! AHHHHH will this day ever end. I have tomorrow off thank god! one more picture from this weekend.

I told you it was going in my blog!!!!!
he he!


Not much today, I am training a new girl at work. I still dont have those sites done., And my house is a mess. Oh yeah and we are out of butter for my eggo. So bleh. Have a good day...

Ah a beautiful after noon, in Lexington , KY here is the tree in front of my house!

Slacker,Kempo, and Stuff

Ok yeah I'm a slacker, on the bloging front! Here is your picture
I was pretty proud of this taken with my little cool pix. i've been toying with buying a D100 but they stoped making them wich may be a good thing, and maybe just maybe the price will go down!
In other news I went to my first kempo class last night. Pretty fun but I am sore like you wouldent believe. My friend who sugested I go kind of forgot to tell me about the 100 push ups and the 200 crunches. Neither have I done since high school which was 6 years ago!!!!!
Now that I am not in school, I am looking for more dance classes to get in shape. So in adition to Kempo and Irish Dance which starts back up soon, I am looking in to a Ballett, Tap, and a Jazz Class. I'm hoping I can be dancing or something 5 nights a week.
So thats where Im at. I am busy like EVERY week end until the wedding so I figured I might as well fill up the day as well!
Oh yeah and I have 2 web sites that need to be done by monday. So that I …