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The first day of the rest of my life?

Today could possibly be the first day of the rest of my life, so here is hoping!

I had an appointment today for training on how to give the injections, which yes I will be giving to myself!! In this discussion we went over the following things:

• I have to stop ALL exercise. (The reason for this being that with this super stimulation cycle my ovaries will grow and swell and will lift up against my pelvis. So if I go jogging, dancing, and any activity really my ovaries could rupture! It’s hard enough for me to get pregnant as it is, I don’t need to lose an ovary and cut my slim chances in half.)

• I will more than likely find out that if I am pregnant over the thanks giving holiday (This being that I have started the provera today. I will take this for the next 10 days, then about 3-5 days later my period will show up. Now for the gross part! On day 3 of my period I will go in for a vaginal ultrasound and blood work to check my estrogen levels. Now I believe on that day I will start on…

Getting there...

How do you get where you are going?
This sounds like a simple enough question, but amazingly enough it’s not a simple question at all.

This week DH and I decided that it is time to head back to the RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist). This in turn has made me do a little soul searching and reflecting on the past few years. For instance what has led us to this decision and how did we get here? Well if you will humor me I will attempt a brief rundown of what has led us here.

Let’s start at the beginning December 1997, I was 16 going on 17 (and now I digress in to a little music from the Sound of Music) and I met my husband, being the only girl in an all boy computer class. I was a junior in High School and he was a senior. He was clearly the brains in the class and was kind enough to let me cheat off of him because I had no fricken clue what I was doing. Fast forward to the end of that school year, Nick and I were still going strong, and had joked about kids and marriage and all of that. …

Tip of the Week #10

Tip # 10: The best fans are the ones that need to be sedated.

Tip of the Week #9

Tip # 9: Never eat your hot dog on both ends, it’s a lot like burning your candle on both ends, only with whole lot more mustard.