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fun and death in the sun.

Find your own pose!

So thats my sleeping pose eh? I dont know about that.

So I've been gone for a while, with Kentucky Scottish weekend and Las Vegas.

Then two days after we got back from Vegas my Grandmother died. Of the exact same thing as my mother :( Small cell lung cancer, twon months after she was diagnosed. There are now only 2 people left in my family. my aunt carolyn and me :(

On a happier note I am pregnant with my first child, so that should give me something to keep blogging about!

yeah I'm a slacker

What can I say I've been busy. My Grandmother has been ill and Dad has moved out of his and moms house.
I cant say it dosnt hurt. But Hell I couldnt live there either.

I've made it to book four in the Outlander series and am about done. Bree just met her father for those of you keeping tabs!

So what have I been up to you ask? or not. I really dont care i'm gonna tell you any way.

WELL.. I may have news but that I cant tell you until next week. haha keep in suspense!
Other then that We are heading to KSW this weekend. There we will have and anvil ceramony
Then the weekend after that we will be in Las Vegas for Josh and Liberty's wedding. I am really looking foward to that.

I think we should get married again as well! that way we can say that we have been married 3 times and never divorced! Any way we are staying in 3 different hotels! I hope to have lots of pictures.

The weekend after that we have a wedding. and memorial day I am going up with my aunt carolyn to decorate graves…