Monday, January 23, 2006

OK so Whats going on now?

1. I quit the Lexington Irish Dancers
2. I turn 25 on Friday
3. Went to Atlanta this weekend
5. weight watchers

So now all in due turn,

1. Last week started out FAN-TAB-U-LOS! (yes it is a word I just made it a word so there!) I went to my musical theater class and HAD A BALL we are doing Damn Yankees. So much fun! not only that but the tap class be for it got my feet moving that I am going to jump in to that this week. So that was great had a wonderful time came home felt great. Wed. Was a little slow I started out not wanting to go to the scottish highland dance and then steph talked me into it. I had a blast. Vicki was wonderful. I got to working on the fling and it was just a great environment!!!!! THEN CAME THURSDAY...
I went to my weight watchers meeting and had only lost.6 of a pound and was not to thrilled with that. Then went to my irish dance class. To which I was promptly told, that I was no longer welcome in the advanced class that I had been part of for the LAST 6 years and that I need to go back to the beginner class. because I had to sit last semester out because I was oh in IRELAND for part of it and the rest I wasnt allowed to dance because of my physical therapy!
But that didnt matter. OHHH I was pissed. SO, I politly gathered my shit and exited stage right. I will not be back! I am curently looking in to other options for an Irish dance school but there just dont seem to be many.

2. Friday is my LAST birthday EVER!!!!!!

After this birthday I will have no more.Hence I wont age. Thats my theory any way :)

3. I went to see my Aunt in Atlanta last weekend and had a blast! Oh god I think I ate EVERY thing but it was wonderful!!! I really want to make that a yearly thing. It was so much fun!

4. SO yeah VEGAS BABY!!! Josh and Liberty are FINALY getting married. Whoo Hoo! And we are going to vegas I cant wait. It will be my first trip out west. And to go with friends will be so much fun!!!!

5. Finaly. I have joined weight watchers with steph and heidi Steph is doing great, me I've only lost 2.2 pounds and probably put it all back on last weekend. :( oh well I will update with my progress!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Politicos and Wed Wedding Wesses O My!

So since I have been quite for so long I have much to write about on my TRIUMPHANT return to my bloging!

I had a new experience this morning, I went to my first political house party. I actually rather enjoyed myself, It was for Steve Kays who is running for council at large. I met Mr. Kays today and he was a very nice man and one who will defiantly get my vote!
If you live in the area he should get yours too! I was in the midst of some of the most powerful people in Lexington this morning and to be honest I was a little intimidated. I hope to attend to more events like this in the future!

Also since my last blog entry Nick and I have traveled to Kansas City MO. and KS. for Shannon's Wedding. It was our first time photographing a catholic wedding but it was beautiful! She was stunning! The drive was not. That has got to be the worst drive ever put on this earth. Flat land that spreads out forever in the winter. No color, no life, no nothing. All I could think of was dear God this is what happed AFTER children of the corn! They had a New years wedding with bagpipers and a druid cape. And she kept the cape on until she got all the way down the isle and then took it off like one would a veil to reveal a RED wedding dress. Not many mind you could pull this off. But it worked! And she looked beautiful! The reception went on until midnight, we all watched the ball drop and then nick and I went back to the hotel room for some sleep and and drove home the next day!