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The Library of Congress' photostream

Amazing, amazing, amazing... if you think the internet is dead check out the Library of Congress' photostream on Flicker! It is amazing!!!

Traveling again this summer

I thought that I might put a little blog up about my upcoming travels in order to force my self to blog about them later :)

Atlanta GAMay 27-30, 2009

Well this one was a planed yet unplanned trip. I booked my flight about a month ago to go and see my favorite band of all time New Kids on the Block and my aunt who lives there as well. I got a great deal at $160.oo for a round trip ticket from Cincy to ATL. Well about a week ago I find out that they have pushed the date back a week. So I tried to move my ticket to the next week to find out that it will cost $150.00 to change the ticket. Which I am not paying!! SOOOO... I am heading to have a nice weekend with my aunt head to the zoo and do some other fun things!! I think it will be fun, I haven't see her since December. I will try to blog and I know I will be twittering!

Atlanta GA June 3-6, 2009

This trip is for the First NKOTB concert of the Full Service Tour!! Can not wait! I am sad that 2 of the girls of the Lou Crew wont be able t…

Random thoughts

I think that Tuesdays are going to be random thought days.
So here are the random thoughts that have passed through my brain today...

1. Saw the new moon poster today, I am excited. Even though I was not really impressed with twilight I have a lot of hope for this one.

2. I am really nervous about the home equityloan that we applied for yesterday SO much is riding on that.

3. Still don't know how I feel about the cruise... Some had fun some didn't I think as with everything it is what you make of it.

4. Totaly jazzed about heading to Atlanta the next 2 weeks.

5. I have got to do some laundry.

So tell me what has passed through your brain today?

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Hmmm I want to go sailing...

The New Kids on the Block, from left, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight, pose on the cruise ship Carnival Imagination, Friday, May 15, 2009, in Miami. The group, which reunited after 14 years for a tour and new album in May 2008, will kick off summer performance schedule with the sold out three-day concert cruise to the Bahamas on Friday. (AP Photo/Damian Grass)

I want to be on this boat... sort of... from what I hear the crazies have already been in full force but damn.. look at those 5 pieces of Man Meat!!!!

Whee pics!

Dancing at the poor mans derby party

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OK so the catch up post

As I am sure you can tell from the last post on here the IUI did not take. :(
It appears as though I have a naturally thin lining. So the clomid I took with the last IUI just made it even thinner. SOOO... we were told that we would have to move on to injections :( with brings the out of pocket cost to $3000.00 a month... OUCH!!! So we went on hold for a while and have been there for a bit.
I went off on my New Kids on the Block adventures... check out PLAID GIRL for more on those adventures!!!
These Adventures will be over for the time being in June... Nick and I hope to get a home equity loan to fix up the house and then to move on to the $3000.00 a month... YIKES!! So it may be another year but I am slowly becoming ok with that. :)
More to come!