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Amazing desert in an hour!

My husband told me last night that he needed a desert for today. Well as I was making it I thought I would share with you my super easy Christmas wreath cake. I've been making this cake for years, and its always a hit!

So here we go. Take a box of chocolate cake mix I like the Betty Crocker Chocolate Fude Bake to directions I put mine in a bunt cake pan so that it has a wreath look to it. but you should just as easy do this with a sheet cake.

Once the cake has cooled,  take a regular can of frosting. I like the classic white from pillsbury but any will do. And put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir if its not totaly melted but it back in for 15 seconds. Then pour very slowly around the cake. I use about half of the container.

Next get the baby candy canes at your super market the ones that are in the loose celophane.

Take a spoon a and wack the candy cane with the back of the spoon. It should be in tiny little pieces when you are done. I used 3 of these tiny candy canes …