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Throwing Stones...

As I did my daily blog check (blogs in my faves) I saw that friend had updated hers after a mild hiatus which was totally deserved given that she is spending time with her precious baby girl :) and it got me thinking I STINK at updating this thing!!! I have no excuse what so ever right now and I haven't updated in over a month and before that I went 8 months with out an update. Something that I hope to remedy.

So here is the first update if anyone is still reading this :)
I'm pregnant!!! I know the news is a little late, I will be 29 weeks this Friday.
Call me superstitious, I was so afraid to post the information here, that if I did it wouldn't be real!

Update #2: It's a BOY!
We have now had what seem like 100 Ultrasounds (4 in reality) but I love each and every one of my pictures of my little boy.
I hope to blog at least every other day as we get closer to the due date. In some ways feel as though I have been lacking by not keeping a journal or something of this run…

Do you ever feel this way?

And this is all I am going to say for the time being.

1959 vintage "River Thames" poster found at Notting Hill Gate tube station, 2010

1959 vintage "River Thames" poster found at Notting Hill Gate tube station, 2010
Originally uploaded by mikeyashworth Amazing, just amazing the artwork that has been hidden underground for 50 years! I also love that they are leaving the posters there for someone else to find in another 50 years!

Read more here:

The Story.

I’ve been debating on this blog post for about a month now. Do I post it? Do I not Post it? How much information is too much information? And does anyone really care?

Well I have decided that I will write this post for a number of reasons. 1) When I first got the news I went searching for information, information that was almost non-existent. So I thought well I have to go through this almost blind… shit. I am writing this for the next person who might just stumble on it and need some help to get through the next month. 2) I don’t feel as though I can continue to write this blog if I DON’T write this post. This blog is the princess with-in… well the princess is screaming and crying and damn it she wants to be heard. 3) I am writing this for my family and friends. I haven’t been real open about what’s going on with everyone and I would like to give them and explanation as to why I am acting the way I am.

Ok so now here is your warning: I am going to talk about it all! There will be MA…

Been a while...

So lets do a quick update before I start the post that I came here to start:
November: Did the first round of Gonal-F, Pregnancy Failed.
December: second round of Gonal-F, Pregnancy Worked!
OK now I can start the next post.