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The Story.

I’ve been debating on this blog post for about a month now. Do I post it? Do I not Post it? How much information is too much information? And does anyone really care?

Well I have decided that I will write this post for a number of reasons. 1) When I first got the news I went searching for information, information that was almost non-existent. So I thought well I have to go through this almost blind… shit. I am writing this for the next person who might just stumble on it and need some help to get through the next month. 2) I don’t feel as though I can continue to write this blog if I DON’T write this post. This blog is the princess with-in… well the princess is screaming and crying and damn it she wants to be heard. 3) I am writing this for my family and friends. I haven’t been real open about what’s going on with everyone and I would like to give them and explanation as to why I am acting the way I am.

Ok so now here is your warning: I am going to talk about it all! There will be MA…