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Well I have this new design, and I feel like I should post more but I have NOTHING to post about no recipies, no travel, nothing so I guess I will do my Target Tuesday and call it good enough :) I do however have some stuff coming down the pike so there will be posts to come! I promise!!! Check back next week for the next adventure!!!

Target Tuesday: Home Decor

Since we are doing a massive Renovation on our den I thought I would highlight the home decor!

I'm not sure I would use all of these pieces together as there is alot of black, but I really like them all :)


S'mores Pie... FAIL

So I found this wonderful recipe over at Simply Made...with Love.
Well it looked easy enough and fun for a July 4th weekend project.

It started out easy enough...

I gathered the ingredients
pressed the cookies into the pie pan...
Filled it up with marshmallow cream  (This is where the fail happened.... Way to much marshmallows!!!)

Put in my chocolate bars Then rolled out the Cookie topper and put it in the oven at 350 for 15 min...

This is what I came back to!

Lesson learned! Will try again tomorrow with less fluff!!!!!!


well its Friday the 1st of July and I think now would be as good of a time as any to reflect on the last 6 months.
Well 30 was different from every other birthday so far :) As seems to be the status with my friends we all hit 30 and end up in the hospital! The day after my 30th I ended up in the hospital with Pre-eclampisa and was put on bed rest until the kiddo arrived.
Mr. Connor Arrives at 11:32 PM on Sunday Feb. 13! 28 min short of Valentines day. Yes this is a good thing! I did not want a valentines baby and the wonderful doctors and nurses knew that so when it became obvious that a C-Section was needed that wheeled me in there so that the kiddo would be born before Valentines day! Got to love that!!!
The rest of the month was a blur of baby and no sleep and honestly I cant tell you another thing that happened :)
UK did great in the SEC and NCAA finals I remember them being on and watching them and cheering but I cant tell you much more than that. Except Co…