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New Finds

I found these last night at the grocery store.

An Adult Lunchable!!! Whoo Hoo! They didnt have the ham so I went for the pizza. It was quite tasty!
Then the worst thing I have ever found:

These bad boys are dangerous!!!!!!

I am starting my Tap and Jazz Classes tonight! and Highland Tomorrow!

Oh yeah

I forgot that in addition to all that is below I am working on knitting baby caps for St. Joe hosptial.

Tonight I am going to a dance recital, this is a new experience for me. I have never been to a dance recital as a spectator before. I'm almost excited. almost.

This is one of the old Dance pictures, I think I was 11 here and I refused to show my tummy because I thought it was too big. What I wouldnt give to have that body back now. wow this is depressing!
oh well on to dance class for wed!!!! WHOO HOO!

Okie Dokie

So here is what is going on now! I still have do not have a new job and I don't like the one I have now.
step and I have started Fiddle lessons, very exciting!!! Lots of fun!
I start my tap and Jazz classes on Wed.
I am working on a new solo dress here are some pictures:

this is the design that was done by Sheri She had a pink, black and silver originally but I thought it would be too much like my old dress so I went for Navy lime and silver with a hint of pink in the kick pleats!
here is a picture of the bodice

This is my first time do the embroidery and all so this should be interesting! I'll keep posting pictures as I go through!Also I am working on a dress for Nick's cousins wedding:
I have decided to do the dress, the jacket and the purse. the base will be a denim and the accents will be a hot pink. It's an October wedding so I thought something a little more fallish would be good!

In addition to all that Nick is working on the gate to our new fence so zig and run a play.