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Changes in Latitudes, Changes in attitudes

Ok so call me an idiot....
Here is what I am driving:
The deal here is this was my mom's car. I don't have to pay taxes, gas, insurance, oil changes nothing. It is an 03. It's in great shape. I get really depresesed when I drive it. So Dad has offered me a new deal we trade this one in for what ever hopefully this:
But then it's mine all mine. The princess has to pay everything. But no car payment. He will pay off the car for me. I guess at the ripe old age of 25 it is time that I take on some responsibility. Ok that's it for now.

busy weekend

I am tired. We had a yard sale on Friday ans Saturday despite the rain storms. As well as a Brisal Show yesterday from 11-5 I think the rain kept a few brides away. but i think we had a good turn out. We will see. Nick and I have decided that we need an assistant. know any one?

ok thats it for today.

have a good one.

I have theme music !!!!

GenieYour second wish?Peter GriffinI got just the thing. I wish I had my own theme music.GenieDone! Ok so, Nick pointed out to me tonight that the Alman Brothers had a song called 'Jessica' and it is upbeat and so me! I was so excited ! it's the little things!

New site is finally up!!!

The new site is up! I am so excited! It's about time. We also got our new business cards in yesterday. I designed both so I guess this means I have real work to actually put in to a portfolio! Whoo Hoo!

Also if you live in Lexington and are getting married we will be a the bridal show at the embassy suites this Sunday.

In other news...
I applied for a new job with the state yesterday, it's with the Historical society doing photography. That is combining my two biggest passions. History and photography! So keep your fingers crossed!

Oh yeah and a big yard sale is going on this week end in our neighborhood so come on down!

Hello my name is Jessica and I am a geek!

Ok so I have got in to the whole podcast thing (I know pc users hiss and boo) and I haven't even listened to the potter cast yet but I loved the image above. That is just awesome! The muggle cast from was a little to "3 dorks in a bed room for me" I love the web site and I mean no disrespect but it was just a little to middle school ish. for lack of a better term. we will have to see about potter cast. I also have the al Franken show and the rush limbaugh show on pod cast as well. I like a little variety!

Alright God what are ya gonna throw at me next?

My dog that I have had for 16 years passed away yesterday. Jack was my puppy. He was named Jack after my first dance competition number, Hit the Road Jack.

On top of that, Ziggy thought it would be a good idea to swallow a popsicle stick whole! So we had to make a quick trip to the vet emergency room.

AND At lunch yesterday I hear a news report on the radio of a man in a car on a road who had been in a fatal accident. ALL MATCHING MY DAD's description. It wasn't him thank GOD!!!!!

I swear, God is up there going hey you wanna see her jump watch this...

I'm a Dagger, hmm..... that explains alot.

Your personality is best represented by the Japanese dagger, called a Tanto. A person who wields a Tanto knows better than anyone that you cant judge on appearance alone. You have the unique ability to see the full potential in people and objects long before anyone else has a clue. You are clever and are probably underestimated a lot by others, but YOU know who you are and exactly what you are capable of.