Friday, January 05, 2007

More Fun With Stupid people!

Obviously written by a man:
Obviously Written by a Woman :

I always knew he had it out for me!

I'm amazed it's not on a Catholic bilboard:

uh huh.....

I like it, no bull shit here! Clear as it can be!

I have honstly never known a methodist church to be like this, my guess is that this is one of those groups that got pissed off at the baptist and started calling them selves methodist!
This one is my kind of church!!

A little Frighting

I love this one:


Ok this one scares me!!! But on this same note I found a new site: Church Sign Generator

And Happy New year

The site is FINALY back up!!!!
WHoo HOo!
So Lets do an update...
my car=shit
my reproductive system=shit
my job =shit
progress on selling the old house=shit

So marry fucking new year!