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Off to the tea cups

Gotta get through the airport first.

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Tip of the week#8

# 8: A sure sign of achievement is surpassing the success of your childhood heroes.

Tip of the Week #7

Tip#7: Do what your mother tells you: Hold each other’s hand while crossing the street and for goodness sakes, put on a fresh pair of clean underwear just in case you were to get hit by mob of screaming fans that would tear off your clothes.

Woman in cell, playing solitaire

Woman in cell, playing solitaire
Originally uploaded by George Eastman House
I love the George Eastman House collection on Flickr, I could ramble through it all day!


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September 11, 2009

Tip of the Week #6

Tip # 6- You know you’ve made it when you watch yourself as a Saturday morning cartoon character. Just hope that your cartoon doesn’t look better then you!

Tip of the Week #5

Tip # 5- If you are a white male, never sit down in a subway car. You’ll look like a pansy. Standing up makes you look tough.