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Throwing Stones...

As I did my daily blog check (blogs in my faves) I saw that friend had updated hers after a mild hiatus which was totally deserved given that she is spending time with her precious baby girl :) and it got me thinking I STINK at updating this thing!!! I have no excuse what so ever right now and I haven't updated in over a month and before that I went 8 months with out an update. Something that I hope to remedy.

So here is the first update if anyone is still reading this :)
I'm pregnant!!! I know the news is a little late, I will be 29 weeks this Friday.
Call me superstitious, I was so afraid to post the information here, that if I did it wouldn't be real!

Update #2: It's a BOY!
We have now had what seem like 100 Ultrasounds (4 in reality) but I love each and every one of my pictures of my little boy.
I hope to blog at least every other day as we get closer to the due date. In some ways feel as though I have been lacking by not keeping a journal or something of this run…