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I'm leaving on a Jet Plane, will be back on October 3. From beautiful Ireland. Have a great Day!

The Power of Christ Compels You!

Damn This is Funny!

University of Kentucky finally Makes Top 20

From the Lexington Herald Leader:UK's student body 8th fattest, magazine finds
By Sharon Thompson


Kentucky nutritionists are cringing at this report in the October issue of Men's Fitness magazine: The University of Kentucky is eighth among the top 20 fattest colleges in America.In the magazine's first report on the health of America's college campuses, it partnered with Princeton Review, a research organization that tracks interests and habits of college students.Ten thousand students from more than 660 U.S. colleges and universities were asked everything from "How many pounds have you gained or lost since you started going to school?" and "How often do you work out?" to thoughts on "How would you rate the fitness facilities on your campus?" and "Does your school appear to care about how fit you are?"The fittest schools? BrighamYoungUniversity and the University of California-Santa Barbara were No. 1 and …


OK I have to get this off my chest! I work in a Dance retail store. I sell Dance shoes. I want to offer this little tidbit of advice to the parents out there. I am not a freaking miracle worker!!!! I can NOT make a pair of ill fitting $29.00 tap shoes last for 2YEARS!!!! It is NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!! Your child's feet will grow in 2 years. If I fit them that big now them will walk right out of them now. Let me re cap these are not the $79.00 tap shoes or even the $298.00 tap shoes oh no $29.00 ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!! The shoes are cheap, even at the right size they don't fit well. AHHHHH. Sorry. The frustration had mounted. The mother in question had driven up in a Lexus and had diamonds all over her hands and was carrying a coach purse. I don't know if she spent it all on her self or what. But I was livid. OK I'm done. Have a great week end.

UPDATE: Yet another one today, (9-18) Did the exact same thing! Are you people stupid?
I hate to be rude but I really can not fathom how …

The New Toy!!!!

Look at the new toy!, this is the coolest thing EVER! No need for a lap top to dump images on! this thing has 30 Gig of spase you can see your pics befre you put them on here and bam there you go. ah I love it.! This thing is freakin sweet!


Nick and I ate dinner at Panera bread this evening. I have to say that I was grossly underwelmed. The staff was very nice and pleasant, the decor was your usual I am so stuck up my ass with trend. So no real complaints there, I was not so thrilled when we had to wait a 1/2 hour for our 2 cold sandwiches only to find out that our food was done the little light up buzzer thing wasn't working. Once we did get our food my sandwich was wrong, how hard is a ham and cheese sandwich with nothing on it. Not an little bit of this and little bit of that no I said just put the meat and cheese on the bread. Well we eat our meal with kettle chips, I HATE kettle chips (too hard) and decide for a little desert and for desert I have a cinnamon chip scone. That would have been really good had it been warm. I have to say, it was not horrible, I cant say that I will never go back but it wouldnt be my first choice of places to go. ok
End rant

Places to go before we have children

1. Ireland we leave next week!!!!!!!!!
So I wont be bloging for a bit, I will be in Ireland whoo hoo! I cant wait! Hopefully I will come home with a blue million pictures.
So next on the agenda is the Grand Canyon Nick has been wanting me to go for years we are hoping to go next summer.

Then sometime next spring we are hoping to get to DC to see Josh and Liberty! And the City I've never been. Nick says I could spend my life in the Smithsonian.Finally before we have children we want to return to Nicks homeland to Family Castle. Castle Dunvegan, It's on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and we think that we may be able to do it in the next year and a half if we budget right. So lets hope!!!!!
Then we can have kids I think. The only other place I want to go is Rome and that can wait a little longer.

Lots of Fun!!!!!

Found the web site where you can play with the plate maker whoo hoo. I love this thing. I'm not paying $40.00 for this. but fun to play with!

Ok so today I am just pissed

Have you ever just woken up and thought I am in just too bad of a mood to be seen today. I'm not quite sure why I'm up set I have been up since 4:00 this morning so that could have something to do with it. I also saw a woman smoking with her kid in the car this morning and wanted to scream and yell at her, do you have any idea what in the hell you are doing!!!!!! Not that it would have done any good. All in all I should be in a good mood, my schedule is only 12-6 today and I get my new 2006 escape limited after work. But no, I'm just angry with the world right now. I think the comment below really made me angry last night and I'm still going from that. So I guess the person who made the comment got the desired effect. I just wish they would have had the balls to have posted who they were. I don't post with out listing who I am. ANY time I post a comment.

OK Confession time: Hello my name is Jessica and I am a Princess.

Ok so Steph introduced me to a great new site today!
It's great. I can look like the princess that I think I am with out the money that I dont have. oh I love it! whoo hoo!
Thanks Steph!!!
Oh I may have a new car by the end of the day too I'll keep you posted and it's dad's 54th Birthday today!

Wow Proof that there is still humor in the world...

From Monsters and
MIAMI BEACH, FL, United States (UPI) -- Police guarded the Miami Beach hospital room of Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight and made little headway into solving his shooting.A bone in Knight`s upper right leg was shattered by a bullet during a party at the swanky Shore Club before the MTVVideoMusic Awards Sunday night. He underwent surgery and was reported in stable condition.Although the party was packed with revelers, Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez told Wednesday`s Miami Herald no witnesses have come forward."We`re not getting any information," he said. "We don`t have a motive. We don`t have a suspect. We have very little information and it`s very frustrating.""Access Hollywood" speculated Knight may have accidentally shot himself.The tabloid TV show pointed to the lack of shell casings found at the scene of the shooting, saying Knight`s security could have cleared the area as well as taken…