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Happy October!!

I know it has been a while since I have posted. Let me give you the reader (if there are any left) a little up date. Lets just start with getting over the year from HELL!
My mother passed in June of last year, my dog died in a matter of weeks, my grandmother passed away from cancer, and I had a miscarriage. I had a falling out with my father, and my child hood home was sold. All in ALL it was the year O shit. Shit Shit Shit!

But I am bouncing back SLOWLY! Nick and I have bought a new house and are in the process of Selling the old. Dad and I are working through our issues. Our two dogs Ziggy and Fitz are doing really well! One of my best friends is due to give birth in November!! Very exciting!

I hope to get back to blogging more often

Stupid is as Stupid does!

OK let me just start off by saying that I am a resident of Lexington, Kentucky. Site of the horrific plane crash 5191. I actually live down the road from the airport and I believe that the crash woke my dogs up. No Let me start off by saying I am deeply sorry to the family's effected. and also let me say that NBC is heartless and who ever decided that it would be a good idea to show the opening to the Emmys with a plane crash is a damn fool! If the 2001 Emmys had been on September 12th this would not have gone live.
Now that being said I would like to say that the LFUCG is not demonstrating their brilliance either. They are revisiting a dog ordnance Again with the stupidity! I ask you, have to ever seen a dog to not bark for 20min with in the span of a year? Well if yours does and you live in Lexington you could very well lose your dog! Then what? We have even more dogs being killed for no good reason. Because maybe they saw a squirrel, or maybe to warn you that there is an intrud…

ok I am disturbed.....

This is just deeply weird...

Bring out your dead... *Clang*...Bring out your dead...

No I am not dead. I am waiting to see how some things turn out before I decide what direction to take this blog. But I do have good news! (FINALY) We bought a house! And we are tripling are square footage! So again I might be away a while with moving and such! Dont leave faithful readers I will return.


fun and death in the sun.

Find your own pose!

So thats my sleeping pose eh? I dont know about that.

So I've been gone for a while, with Kentucky Scottish weekend and Las Vegas.

Then two days after we got back from Vegas my Grandmother died. Of the exact same thing as my mother :( Small cell lung cancer, twon months after she was diagnosed. There are now only 2 people left in my family. my aunt carolyn and me :(

On a happier note I am pregnant with my first child, so that should give me something to keep blogging about!

yeah I'm a slacker

What can I say I've been busy. My Grandmother has been ill and Dad has moved out of his and moms house.
I cant say it dosnt hurt. But Hell I couldnt live there either.

I've made it to book four in the Outlander series and am about done. Bree just met her father for those of you keeping tabs!

So what have I been up to you ask? or not. I really dont care i'm gonna tell you any way.

WELL.. I may have news but that I cant tell you until next week. haha keep in suspense!
Other then that We are heading to KSW this weekend. There we will have and anvil ceramony
Then the weekend after that we will be in Las Vegas for Josh and Liberty's wedding. I am really looking foward to that.

I think we should get married again as well! that way we can say that we have been married 3 times and never divorced! Any way we are staying in 3 different hotels! I hope to have lots of pictures.

The weekend after that we have a wedding. and memorial day I am going up with my aunt carolyn to decorate graves…

Life is not Fair

ok so let me just be blunt...
my mother died of small cell lung cancer last summer and her mother, my grand mother was just diagnosed with the same. Now me being the only child of an only child this falls on my shoulders. I cant go through this shit again and frankly I'm a little pissed about it.

My Dogs

New pictures of Fitz, Zig and them both together!


Women with Wings

I saw this on the UK web page today! and I was glad that somthing like this was on there. It's a wonderful thing. They are so cute!!!!

OK so Whats going on now?

1. I quit the Lexington Irish Dancers
2. I turn 25 on Friday
3. Went to Atlanta this weekend
5. weight watchers

So now all in due turn,

1. Last week started out FAN-TAB-U-LOS! (yes it is a word I just made it a word so there!) I went to my musical theater class and HAD A BALL we are doing Damn Yankees. So much fun! not only that but the tap class be for it got my feet moving that I am going to jump in to that this week. So that was great had a wonderful time came home felt great. Wed. Was a little slow I started out not wanting to go to the scottish highland dance and then steph talked me into it. I had a blast. Vicki was wonderful. I got to working on the fling and it was just a great environment!!!!! THEN CAME THURSDAY...
I went to my weight watchers meeting and had only lost.6 of a pound and was not to thrilled with that. Then went to my irish dance class. To which I was promptly told, that I was no longer welcome in the advanced class that I had been part of fo…


Politicos and Wed Wedding Wesses O My!

So since I have been quite for so long I have much to write about on my TRIUMPHANT return to my bloging!

I had a new experience this morning, I went to my first political house party. I actually rather enjoyed myself, It was for Steve Kays who is running for council at large. I met Mr. Kays today and he was a very nice man and one who will defiantly get my vote!
If you live in the area he should get yours too! I was in the midst of some of the most powerful people in Lexington this morning and to be honest I was a little intimidated. I hope to attend to more events like this in the future!
Also since my last blog entry Nick and I have traveled to Kansas City MO. and KS. for Shannon's Wedding. It was our first time photographing a catholic wedding but it was beautiful! She was stunning! The drive was not. That has got to be the worst drive ever put on this earth. Flat land that spreads out forever in the winter. No color, no life, no nothing. All I could think of was dear God this i…