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Oh Time managment and other such musings....

Ok so here we go again! A list of what I want to improve about my self.
Ready? Here we go...
  1. Time Management... why is this such a hard concept? The boy is 6.5 and for the most part self sufficient. So why do I feel guilty if I don't spend my every waking and honestly sleeping breath with him? Finding time to play wife, mother, photographer, travel agent, crafter, house keeper and sometimes blogger... I have joined on the Happy Planner train although in all honesty, I really just do it because it is a quick craft that makes me happy... I'm really not using it to its full potential.
  2. Self Esteem... Oh Good Lord where to start? I have only this week realized that my self confidence is low. I have to say that I have the most amazing husband who builds me up in such a wonderful way! The problem is that even though he is saying sweet words of encouragement I constantly think he if full of shit. So in addition to the Time Management I intend to work on my Self Confidence.  I honestly believe that these two go hand in hand.
I believe that once I start to get a handle on the 2 items above I can begin working on the more trivial things like ALWAYS having a messy house. 

Hopefully more to come.... 


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I am happy to report that I have started back with the Kentucky Academy of Highland Dance! :) Very Exciting. More on that later.
I still have pics from my birthday!
Well for starters I had this UGLY spider bite, I STILL have a scar! I drew this monkey before going to see wicked on the white board out side my office.

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