Monday, December 13, 2004

Hello from Jersey

My husband is off doing business things and here I sit in the hotel in New Jersey. I am too chicken to exploring by my self so here I sit in the hotel room until god only knows when. So I'm gonna try my had at this illustration Friday thing. I only have a mouse here with me so we will have to see how that works.
I spent all day yesterday flying from Lexington, KY to Cinny. OH, to Newark, NJ . We rented a car from enterprise and they were so nice. But I have to admit I thought it was a bit of an act with the accent! It sounded like most of them were straight out of the sopranos. It was crazy. Now let me tell you that little child of suburbia here in the big city. Nick and I are hoping to go in to NY at the end of the week. I have Rockets tickes for thursday at 8:00 I am very excited. It is kind of cool to look out your window and see New york.

More to come.
Oh yeah happy holidays to you and yours!!!

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