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Schiavo: to be or not to be.

I have to say that I usually don't post my views on news stories or any thing of that nature but this time a couple of things have just struck a nerve.

Federal court set to hear Schiavo's case

While I feel her parents pain, it's time to let go. Terri Schiavo has been in a vegetative state for 15 years. The pour woman has no quality of life left. It is a damn shame that we cant put humans down like we can animals. Let me state for the record that should I end up like that, by all means try everything that is possible to save me! I like living! But there comes a point when you have to think of the human inside. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD send me on!!!!! Let her go home to be with her maker, she has had her time on earth I think it is cruel to keep her alive just to make a point and to appease her parents. To her parents I have this to say, It's time to let her move on. She will be happy in heaven, she will be able to be the same terri she was 15 years ago.

Capital charge likely in Florida girl's killing

In this case I'm going to have to throw my liberalism out the door and reach back for the republican in side of me and say: KILL THE BASTARD!!!!!!!!
He was a known danger and he prayed on this poor little girl. Let me just say that this is a case as we would say in eastern Kentucky: he just needs killn'
All that aside I urge you to write your Representative to try and get stiffer punishments for child molesters.
Ok I'm done with my rant: Back to cute dog pictures and silly drawings.


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