Sunday, June 05, 2005

Okie Dokie

So here is what is going on now! I still have do not have a new job and I don't like the one I have now.
step and I have started Fiddle lessons, very exciting!!! Lots of fun!
I start my tap and Jazz classes on Wed.
I am working on a new solo dress here are some pictures:

this is the design that was done by Sheri She had a pink, black and silver originally but I thought it would be too much like my old dress so I went for Navy lime and silver with a hint of pink in the kick pleats!
here is a picture of the bodice

This is my first time do the embroidery and all so this should be interesting! I'll keep posting pictures as I go through!

Also I am working on a dress for Nick's cousins wedding:

I have decided to do the dress, the jacket and the purse. the base will be a denim and the accents will be a hot pink. It's an October wedding so I thought something a little more fallish would be good!

In addition to all that Nick is working on the gate to our new fence so zig and run a play.

Just did 3 weddings in the last month that was fun, tiring but fun! I think that's it! We have one wedding this month and then a bridal show in august.
With all this who has time to have a real job?

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