Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Goblets, giblets, and jobs

Ok so I saw the TSO and let me say I was a little underwhelmed. That is a band that is made for radio. it was OK but I just wasn't impressed. But hey after you've seen KISS live nothing else compares!

Second On Saturday we went to Louisville to see GOF All I can say is it was the book on speed! and I was a little up set that they left SPEW out. I really wanted to see that. hmmm. But all in all I think it was really well done the triwizard challenges were VERY well done! I was very pleased.

Third. Tomorrow is TURKEY DAY!!!! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!

Fourth I start work at UK on Monday. I am scared to death! This is my first real job. I have to officially be an adult now, no turning back!!!! shit.

I think it will all be worth it but I am nervous and scared and I don't want to leave my friends at dance biz. It's a very sad thing.

Enjoy the holiday!

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