Thursday, October 15, 2009

The first day of the rest of my life?

Today could possibly be the first day of the rest of my life, so here is hoping!

I had an appointment today for training on how to give the injections, which yes I will be giving to myself!! In this discussion we went over the following things:

• I have to stop ALL exercise. (The reason for this being that with this super stimulation cycle my ovaries will grow and swell and will lift up against my pelvis. So if I go jogging, dancing, and any activity really my ovaries could rupture! It’s hard enough for me to get pregnant as it is, I don’t need to lose an ovary and cut my slim chances in half.)

• I will more than likely find out that if I am pregnant over the thanks giving holiday (This being that I have started the provera today. I will take this for the next 10 days, then about 3-5 days later my period will show up. Now for the gross part! On day 3 of my period I will go in for a vaginal ultrasound and blood work to check my estrogen levels. Now I believe on that day I will start on the Gonal F these would be my injections, I will do that for roughly 2 weeks and then go on with 2 more vaginal ultrasounds and more blood work. Once they see that my follicles are large enough I will take one final injection of ovidrel which will send the little eggs down the tubes. Then we go in for the Intrauterine Insemination and then we wait. Wait two weeks until we find out if we are preggers.)

• Twins or Triplets are a VERY REAL possibility, hell even more then that are possible. Look at Jon and Kate+8! ( Multiple gestation - If a pregnancy is achieved, about 70% of the time there is only 1 baby, however, about 24% of the time there are twins, about 5% of the time there are triplets, and less than 1% of the time quadruplets or more are present. While many couples are happy to have twins, the complications of pregnancy increase with the number of babies present. The most serious complication of multiple gestation is preterm labor with delivery of premature infants. Severe pre-maturity can result in the death or brain damage of a child. With proper prenatal care, the risks of premature labor can be lessened but not eliminated. Every effort is made to increase the chances for pregnancy while minimizing the chances for multiple births.)

• That I will have to have 15 injections over the next month!

• Kentucky is not a selective termination state. Meaning that should I get pregnant with say 8 kids that they would council me on selective termination and I would then have to go across state lines.

This is all becoming VERY real very fast. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. I will keep updating as I can.

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