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Throwing Stones...

As I did my daily blog check (blogs in my faves) I saw that friend had updated hers after a mild hiatus which was totally deserved given that she is spending time with her precious baby girl :) and it got me thinking I STINK at updating this thing!!! I have no excuse what so ever right now and I haven't updated in over a month and before that I went 8 months with out an update. Something that I hope to remedy.

So here is the first update if anyone is still reading this :)
I'm pregnant!!! I know the news is a little late, I will be 29 weeks this Friday.
Call me superstitious, I was so afraid to post the information here, that if I did it wouldn't be real!

Update #2: It's a BOY!
We have now had what seem like 100 Ultrasounds (4 in reality) but I love each and every one of my pictures of my little boy.
I hope to blog at least every other day as we get closer to the due date. In some ways feel as though I have been lacking by not keeping a journal or something of this runaway train that we waited SO long to get on.

Crud need to get to cleaning will update tonight :)


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....And were back... I think...

So here's the deal... I keep looking over my old posts and its mostly me apologizing for not being here... No one wants to read that and I don't want to write that. So I'll write what I can when I can.
Here are the updates
C will be 3 in February... How in the heck did that happen?!?!I was down 35 pounds in the spring, but managed to pop 10 of that back on... boo!!! So now me and myfitnesspal are best friends :)We went to Las Vegas and Disney World this summer, It was a total blast!!I'm teaching the 3-6 year old class with my Irish Dance ClassMy photography business is doing quite well and I'm loving every min.I am trying like the dickens to get this house into some sort of organization. Alright thats it... something more soon :D

Oh Pinterest!!!! and other updates

I must say that I am a total addict!!! I am on this page almost as much if not more so than face book!! If you want to visit my page here it is :) So far I have done two of my many pinned projects both to be blogged about soon depending on how long the kiddo sleeps! Which brings me to the lack in blogging. The child won’t sleep!!! I take that back, he sleeps like a jewel at night. But there are no naps during the day...none. A problem I am trying to remedy. Now that he is crawling, pulling up and even cruising he gets tired more easily making a nap possible. The down side is that there is about a half hour of crying this precedes the nap.
We had a photo shoot last Saturday at the portrait shop. If you are in the Lexington Area I would highly recommend them. We get to view the pictures on Saturday and I cannot wait!!! I really need to blog more… I want to tell you all everything but I don’t want a huge novel-esc post.
Let’s just say momma will try to do bett…

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Following simple as that's example. I have finished my first January Collage!

from top left
 Connor's first New YearA sea Dragon at the Georgia AquariumFitzConnor at the Atlanta ZooConnor and Nick at the Atlanta ZooConnor with rice all over his face and in his first big boy bathThe lexington Irish Dancers at the Rose of Tralee Ceili.