Monday, April 25, 2011

Project 31 : Day 1. What are your favorite beauty products?

I actually had to think about this for a bit. What constitutes a beauty product? Are they just make up or do you count what goes in to the whole package such as the face and body wash? I have decided that with out these products one would be rather, well, the opposite of beauty. :) So here are my products that I use daily:

The primer:

L'Oreal's Go 360 Clean
Lets start with a confession: I am cheap. I make no qualms about it, I would rather just go to Kroger and get what I need. It's open 24/7 so I don't have to worry about rushing around before a store closes, and well it's cheaper than what you get at the make up counters in the mall. Now, I still want a product that works, that will actually clean my face and not dry it out.
I love this stuff,  it's mild and comes with its own little scrubber. That little scrubber does something to the psyche because I feel like its really getting in there and getting all the dirt and such from the day.

Olay Body Wash plus Tone Enriching Ribbons

There is one major reason why I love this stuff, It SPARKLES!!! Ok so now its time for confession number 2: When I was in high school the rage was glitter everything, glitter on your hair, glitter on your skin, glitter on everything. As a dancer who loved to be on the stage I adored this! There is nothing better than adding a little shimmer to just about anything. Well now that I am an adult, and its totally not in fashion I need to find a way to add shimmer to my life. Well this stuff does the trick it's got a great moisturizer in it and leaves just the tiniest bits of gold flakes on your skin. You cant see them unless you hit the light just right. It brings a bit of happy into my day.

Perscriptives All You Need+ SPF 15

I love this moisturizer! It is just perfect for my combination skin. It broke my heart when Perscriptives went out of the mall, but I am so happy that they are online, however they seem to always be sold out of this. This is good stuff folks, good stuff!!!

Perscriptives All You Need+ For Eyes

So there is one basic rule that I live by. After 25 you MUST not should, but MUST wear eye cream! I know it seems like something your grandmother does, but this is a must if you don't want the saddle bags. I started noticing that I was getting the bags around the 25 and so I looked for a good eye cream and this is by far the best out there for me. LOVE IT!

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