Sunday, August 15, 2004

NOW WHAT!?!?!?!?!

So I just got a letter from the college of communications saying that I have completed all requirements for my BA in telecommunications, and that I will receive my diploma in early to mid October! I should be psyched! But no, now I am more depressed! I am in a retail job that I loved because they worked with my school schedule, and that was great. Now however, I am just there, I have no where to go. School is over.
It's a strange feeling. Your whole life is planned out for you, preschool,grade school, middle school, high school, college. But after that it's kind of like your an adult make your own decisions! And well I don't wanna! I've put in full time applications but so far have heard nothing. And well I'm scared is this what the rest of my life is to be. I am to grow up and go to a job and come home to my husband and that's it! I'm too young for this! I'm only 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong love nick more then anything and I cant wait to be married to him (September 25,2004 BTW) and I do have other activities, but I feel as though my child hood is just gone. And it happened in a week! What the hell happened!
Oh well enough on that,
I still have wedding stuff to stress about!
My dress wont be in until the last weekend of this month and the brides maids dresses wont be in until 2 weeks before the ceremony!
ok that's it
here's your pic!

I know they are grainy but I still think its an awsome picture. This was from ballet under the stars in woodland park.

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