Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Slacker,Kempo, and Stuff

Ok yeah I'm a slacker, on the bloging front! Here is your picture
I was pretty proud of this taken with my little cool pix. i've been toying with buying a D100 but they stoped making them wich may be a good thing, and maybe just maybe the price will go down!
In other news I went to my first kempo class last night. Pretty fun but I am sore like you wouldent believe. My friend who sugested I go kind of forgot to tell me about the 100 push ups and the 200 crunches. Neither have I done since high school which was 6 years ago!!!!!
Now that I am not in school, I am looking for more dance classes to get in shape. So in adition to Kempo and Irish Dance which starts back up soon, I am looking in to a Ballett, Tap, and a Jazz Class. I'm hoping I can be dancing or something 5 nights a week.
So thats where Im at. I am busy like EVERY week end until the wedding so I figured I might as well fill up the day as well!
Oh yeah and I have 2 web sites that need to be done by monday. So that I can GRADUATE !!!!
YEAH I will have a bachlors!!!
Ok thats it.
Have a nice day!

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