Monday, April 11, 2005


Ok so in preparations for my new solo dress I have to sale this one:
I will add the web sites that it is posted on as I get it listed!
I am asking $750.00 for the dress plus all shipping and packaging
but here are the pictures if you are interested in the dress send me an email: (replace the AT with the @ I am so sick of spam!!!!!!!!)

This is the dress shortly after it was completed.
The dress has been worn for 2 1/2 years. It does have some wear and tear on it but nothing that a good seamstress couldn't fix.
Here are pictures of the dress now and in action:

This dress has a unique corset lacing feature allowing it to go from a size 14-18 ladies, this could eaisly be removed for a full length zipper. The dress was worn with a black leo underneith and the cape covers the laces.

Now some action shots:

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