Monday, April 18, 2005

OK so this week

So here is how the week breaks down not that any one cares but I have to put it up!
Sat. 4-16 work 10-5:30 Help strip wall paper at stephs house!
Sun. 4-17 Kite Festival Then on to the baby shower. Nick had the big bright Idea to take the dog with us. so nick is sitting on the ground with my video camera on a tripod, his D100 in his hands and the dog strapped to his waist. All while I was on the stage dancing. That was fun!
So on to today:
Mon.4-18 Work 12-6 Go help strip wall paper. and other stuff
Tues. 4-19 Work 11-5 Ziggy graduates from puppy head start. He even get a cap and diploma!!!
Wed. 4-20 My DAY OFF!!!!!!!! WHO HOOO!!!! and Nicks 25th birthday!
Thurs. 4-21 Work 10-6 Jason (stephs hubby) his birthday
Friday. 4-22 Work 10-6
Saturday 4-23 Wedding photography 4-10 and a meeting at work at 8:45am ick!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next week however NOTHING just work, It's sad when work is where you go to relax!
I need a new job!
any one hiring?

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