Tuesday, May 17, 2005

1...2....3.... Whine!!!!!!!!!

The princess in me is starting to have a break down!
The princess does not do house work well (why? I don't know, I just don't have the talent for it! I never took a home ec. Class I guess) thus my house is a reck!!!!
The princess does not do garden work well (why? I HATE DIRT!!!!!!!!) I like pretty flowers and home grown veggies but not if I have to do it! Thus my house has no character!
The princess can not find a way out of her retail hell! I have applied for 39 jobs with the University of Kentucky. (why there? well the benefits and they will pay for me to go to grad school!) and I have had 1 interview. To any and all out there: DO NOT MAJOR IN TELECOMMUNICATIONS there is nothing out there! at least in lexington. and well the princess is not moving.
The damn dog keeps shiting in the house with no warning and well we all know that a princess cant clean up shit. (Well she does she just gripes about it the whole time.)
I think I will clean my desk before I go off to the HELL that is my job.
have a nice day!


Dad said...

You were spoiled by your parents.

Anonymous said...