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OK so Whats going on now?

1. I quit the Lexington Irish Dancers
2. I turn 25 on Friday
3. Went to Atlanta this weekend
5. weight watchers

So now all in due turn,

1. Last week started out FAN-TAB-U-LOS! (yes it is a word I just made it a word so there!) I went to my musical theater class and HAD A BALL we are doing Damn Yankees. So much fun! not only that but the tap class be for it got my feet moving that I am going to jump in to that this week. So that was great had a wonderful time came home felt great. Wed. Was a little slow I started out not wanting to go to the scottish highland dance and then steph talked me into it. I had a blast. Vicki was wonderful. I got to working on the fling and it was just a great environment!!!!! THEN CAME THURSDAY...
I went to my weight watchers meeting and had only lost.6 of a pound and was not to thrilled with that. Then went to my irish dance class. To which I was promptly told, that I was no longer welcome in the advanced class that I had been part of for the LAST 6 years and that I need to go back to the beginner class. because I had to sit last semester out because I was oh in IRELAND for part of it and the rest I wasnt allowed to dance because of my physical therapy!
But that didnt matter. OHHH I was pissed. SO, I politly gathered my shit and exited stage right. I will not be back! I am curently looking in to other options for an Irish dance school but there just dont seem to be many.

2. Friday is my LAST birthday EVER!!!!!!

After this birthday I will have no more.Hence I wont age. Thats my theory any way :)

3. I went to see my Aunt in Atlanta last weekend and had a blast! Oh god I think I ate EVERY thing but it was wonderful!!! I really want to make that a yearly thing. It was so much fun!

4. SO yeah VEGAS BABY!!! Josh and Liberty are FINALY getting married. Whoo Hoo! And we are going to vegas I cant wait. It will be my first trip out west. And to go with friends will be so much fun!!!!

5. Finaly. I have joined weight watchers with steph and heidi Steph is doing great, me I've only lost 2.2 pounds and probably put it all back on last weekend. :( oh well I will update with my progress!


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