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Welcome...The First Post... Background

Hey Kids...

One of my Favorite Cousin in laws (there are quite a few) suggested that I start this blog to chronicle my adventures in the unforgiving world of infertility.

So here goes...The Story of my life thus far.

Lets start at the beginning... I am born...

I was conceived in Myrtle Beach S.C. in April/May of 1980. My Mother was from far Eastern Kentucky and my Father was from a steel town in West Virginia. My Parents met at the University of Kentucky in 1972(?...Dad may need to correct year) and were married on December 14th, 1973 (again "I think"...) They lived and worked together in Lexington, Kentucky. After a 'few' years of marriage they decided it was time for a child and got preggers... Well that child was not to be and was miscarried. Well now we come to myrtle beach, I then decided to come in to being.

I was born on January 27th, 1981, at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, KY.

Now the middle... I grew up...

After a few evil nurses (namely Ginny Vickers *I think )they let my mother and I go home. It was there that I resided for the next 21 years of my life. I loved that house, it was a wonderful! It was a 3 bedroom 2 and 1/2 bath house in the SE end of Lexington. Very sub-burbified.

I would say that I had a happy spoiled child hood. I didn't really want for much. In fact the only thing that I can think of that I never got was a pair of roller blades, but that was only because I refused to to wear the helmet and pads (It wasn't cool).

The Present... Infertile Myrtle

Well while in high school at Lafayette, I met my husband. A wonderful man!

We were married on September 25th, 2004. We had a very stressful first year. I found out on Mothers day 2005 that my Mother was dying of Lung Cancer (yes she smoked, like a chimney). This was literally the END of my child hood. Actually it was the death of part of my soul. My mother was my rock, my best friend. That killed me inside for long time. I went in to a deep ugly depression for about a year and a half.

Well...On April 20th, 2006 (DH's Birthday) we decided to start a family. And low and behold 11 days later, I got a positive pregnancy test. I was floored excited and scared! Well we go the the doctor 8 weeks later for the first ultra sound and guess what NOTHING was there. The doc said it was a chemical pregnancy.

Well I was on a mission...I was gonna get pregnant if it killed me! So here we are almost exactly 2 years later and no frickin baby.

If you have made it this far I applaud you! I plan to chronicle every day from this point on. So please stay tuned.

Thanks so much for stopping by :)


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