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Jon's Post

Just incase you missed it:

"It’s me once again! Driving to Denver Colorado tonight. It’s super cold

and windy tonight. I feel like the “rolling submarine” has become a

small plane in turbulence tonight. You know the feeling of driving down

the road and your car is being blown back and forth………the lights

are dimmed and everyone went to bed hours ago….someone from our camp

is over on the couch snoring in a deep sleep…, it isn’t


Feels like it will be snowing any day now! The moon is full, it’s

5:30 am, I’m on some stretch of highway between Omaha and Denver,

feeling very delirious!

On nights like this back home, I love to light a fire in my bedroom,

slip into something comfortable after a warm bath and curl up in bed to

watch a movie……of course my favorite girl is always right next to

me…..I usually rub up and down her back telling her how much I love

her…….kissing her gently on her neck as we both drift off to

sleep…. her body has a way of fitting itself right up close to mine

like two pieces of a puzzle……. her silkie soft hair brushing

against my chest…….. her long legs stretched out in comfort……..

she always seems to wake me up at some point in the night…… she

looks me in the eyes without speaking a word………..I love her for

that…….She has the most beautiful eyes in the world…….she

usually rolls over so I can stroke her chest ever so gently……..this

gets her all wound up that she sometimes leaves a wet spot on our

sheets……. she’s even gone as far as letting a nasty smell out of

her tiny little ass! Then at that moment I break out the leather

studded collar and chain……I know at that moment it could get

freaky…… its nice and warm under the sheets……..Damn, should I

give her what she wants?………. Should I just roll over and do it in

the morning?………Oh damn, feels like the wet spot is getting

bigger!!!!!……..She has my full attention now…..hold on, hold on,

I’m gonna give her what she wants………. she is now barking orders

at me as she lets out a loud howling

noise…..OMG……OMG……OMG…….. DAMN…………time to walk

the dog!!!!!!!!

Maybe its time to get some sleep! Enjoy your day! I will so enjoy

mine……….DAY OFF……. don’t hound me till Friday…..

seriously!…. just keeping it real! HA! Hound me on here all you want

though…….. ENJOY!

with respect,



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