Friday, May 22, 2009

Traveling again this summer

I thought that I might put a little blog up about my upcoming travels in order to force my self to blog about them later :)

Atlanta GA May 27-30, 2009

Well this one was a planed yet unplanned trip. I booked my flight about a month ago to go and see my favorite band of all time New Kids on the Block and my aunt who lives there as well. I got a great deal at $160.oo for a round trip ticket from Cincy to ATL. Well about a week ago I find out that they have pushed the date back a week. So I tried to move my ticket to the next week to find out that it will cost $150.00 to change the ticket. Which I am not paying!! SOOOO... I am heading to have a nice weekend with my aunt head to the zoo and do some other fun things!! I think it will be fun, I haven't see her since December. I will try to blog and I know I will be twittering!

Atlanta GA June 3-6, 2009

This trip is for the First NKOTB concert of the Full Service Tour!! Can not wait! I am sad that 2 of the girls of the Lou Crew wont be able to go :( but 3 of us will be and we will be leading by example. See the next post for Leading by Example! I will be twittering and blogging from the arena on this one!!

Possible Trip to Raleigh, NC June24-25,2009

This is a work trip still waiting on details.

Cincinnati, OH June 27, 2009

Yup NKOTB again this time close to home! I have 5* for this one and am really excited. This is also the 4 year anniv. of my Mom's death and I always leave town on that day. I cant think of a better place to be!!

Washington, DC July 13-18, 2009
Heading to DC for the yearly Blackboard World Conference. Whoo hoo... (Insert Sarcasm here.)

Possible Trip Duke University, NC August 1-7, 2009
Again work related.. not many details.

Disney World September 23-29, 2009
Going for our 5 year wedding anniv. YAY!!!

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