Friday, May 01, 2009

OK so the catch up post

As I am sure you can tell from the last post on here the IUI did not take. :(
It appears as though I have a naturally thin lining. So the clomid I took with the last IUI just made it even thinner. SOOO... we were told that we would have to move on to injections :( with brings the out of pocket cost to $3000.00 a month... OUCH!!! So we went on hold for a while and have been there for a bit.
I went off on my New Kids on the Block adventures... check out PLAID GIRL for more on those adventures!!!
These Adventures will be over for the time being in June... Nick and I hope to get a home equity loan to fix up the house and then to move on to the $3000.00 a month... YIKES!! So it may be another year but I am slowly becoming ok with that. :)
More to come!

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