Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Target Tuesday: Home Decor

Since we are doing a massive Renovation on our den I thought I would highlight the home decor!

I'm not sure I would use all of these pieces together as there is alot of black, but I really like them all :)

OK no not really something I would but in my den... but oh so cute!!!

Love these Lamps!!! simple but with a bit of  flair.

Now that we have a sweet little famlily I want to show all 5 of us off!

Cant tell you why but I am obsessed with metal wall art these days... its becoming a problem.

I like these tables because they are small but totaly functional.

Love, Love, Love this rug!!!!! It is just so different from your standard flower-y rug :)


tara said...

Ooohh I love that wall art!

Celia said...

i love that telephone table! the phone is cute too! :P

Rachel said...

awesome finds! love all of these ideas!