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well its Friday the 1st of July and I think now would be as good of a time as any to reflect on the last 6 months.
Well 30 was different from every other birthday so far :) As seems to be the status with my friends we all hit 30 and end up in the hospital! The day after my 30th I ended up in the hospital with Pre-eclampisa and was put on bed rest until the kiddo arrived.
Mr. Connor Arrives at 11:32 PM on Sunday Feb. 13! 28 min short of Valentines day. Yes this is a good thing! I did not want a valentines baby and the wonderful doctors and nurses knew that so when it became obvious that a C-Section was needed that wheeled me in there so that the kiddo would be born before Valentines day! Got to love that!!!
The rest of the month was a blur of baby and no sleep and honestly I cant tell you another thing that happened :)
UK did great in the SEC and NCAA finals I remember them being on and watching them and cheering but I cant tell you much more than that. Except Connor was in his Blue and White for every game!!! GO CATS!!
Nasty weather! Gosh this is awful I sat down to write a post on reflections and I cant remember anything! ARG!!!! Well lets just say that we managed to ride out the awful weather and no one was harmed :)
My first mothers day! I can not tell you how special that was. For years I never thought it would come, I was convinced that we would grow old and the only thing I would be a mom to was a dog. I had almost come to terms with it when we found out we were pregnant with Connor. We went to brunch and then to dinner at shakertown it really was a nice way to celebrate.
Nick had his first fathers day and I know it was special for him, when I asked him what would you like to do for fathers day he looked at me and said you know, I never thought about it. And it was just so sweet as he realized that he was a dad and that this was a special day for him.
We also started on the great renovation of 2011 this month. We are moving the back door and this has been a bit of a project!  (For photos of the project go here) I hope we get the other projects that are on the list done this summer!!

 Now I am not a huge church goer or any thing like that but I have got to say that I am so thankful for the blessing that is my son. I have never been so in love. Nick and I had talked on occasion that we are amazed at the amount of love that we feel for the boy. You hear it ALL the time, and I always thought well duh of course you love your kids but I swear its just one of those things I see that precious boy in front of me and there is not anything that I wouldn't do for him.

His path to us or our path to him was a long a twisted one, but oh so worth it. I honestly didn't realize how much he had changed my life though until this week. My Mother passed away 6 years ago on June 27. Well on the 26th it crossed my mind and then I didn't think about it again until the 30th. Now I don't want to sound like I just up and forgot my mother because I see her every time I look at my son but he has switched my focus. Instead of spending the month of June in a deep depression as has been the case for the last 5 years I just rolled on with my life. Something that I am very proud of and so thankful for!

I certainly hope that I can get to a blog a week in the future maybe it will help my memory ;)
until next time :)



Sarah663 said…
Hey I just wanted to say your son is so cute! Also, I know what you mean about a date losing it's hold on best friend killed himself October 13, 2000. When I met Brandon, his birthday was, you guessed it, October 13th. So now that day can be a happy one as well. -- Sarah Shannon Goodin
Savannah said…
You have such an adorable son! That picture made me smile :) This is a great post!

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