Wednesday, August 10, 2011

yup, I'm a slacker!

I have to tell you this teething stuff is FOR THE BIRDS!!! I have been so tired lately that I can not even see straight let alone blog.

So while the urchin is asleep let me fill you in.

One tooth has broken the surface while the rest continue to torment my child. The home improvement project is still in full effect! Hopefully we will be able to get the drywall up this weekend and paint next weekend.

Connor won his division in the Star Kids competition I am so proud of my handsome Baby!!!

Also we finally got a picture of Connor in the McClure crib. This crib has been passed down for ever in my husbands family I can not even tell you how many generations have slept in that bed. With that we also put in a quilt that nicks great - grandmother on his mom's side made so we have both sides of his family represented.

Connor is back at The Little Gym for the fall semester and we have started at Gymboree for their Music class! Connor has really showed an interest in music so we have been running our scales on the piano and going to this class. I love how they teach pitch and rhythm at such a young age :)

I think that's about it... I'm hoping that he will get back on his sleep schedule soon. He hasn't been taking a nap at all unless in my lap. Once that happens I should be able to blog more if there are any readers left :) So let me know... what do/did you do/did to get your little one to nap???


Life With Lauren said...

Pictures are adorable! Hope you get some rest!

Jess said...

thank you so much :) We just had a tooth poke through so I think we are in the clear for a day or so more :)