Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wow Proof that there is still humor in the world...

From Monsters and

MIAMI BEACH, FL, United States (UPI) -- Police guarded the Miami Beach hospital room of Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight and made little headway into solving his shooting.

A bone in Knight`s upper right leg was shattered by a bullet during a party at the swanky Shore Club before the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night. He underwent surgery and was reported in stable condition.

Although the party was packed with revelers, Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez told Wednesday`s Miami Herald no witnesses have come forward.

"We`re not getting any information," he said. "We don`t have a motive. We don`t have a suspect. We have very little information and it`s very frustrating."

"Access Hollywood" speculated Knight may have accidentally shot himself.

The tabloid TV show pointed to the lack of shell casings found at the scene of the shooting, saying Knight`s security could have cleared the area as well as taken his gun before police arrived.

Knight is a convicted felon and could be returned to prison if he was in possession of a firearm, "Access Hollywood" said.

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Not that any one geting shot is ever funny, but if he really did shoot him self in the rear which would be quite a feat, I think that is hilarious!

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