Monday, September 12, 2005

Places to go before we have children

1. Ireland we leave next week!!!!!!!!!
So I wont be bloging for a bit, I will be in Ireland whoo hoo! I cant wait! Hopefully I will come home with a blue million pictures.
So next on the agenda is the Grand Canyon Nick has been wanting me to go for years we are hoping to go next summer.

Then sometime next spring we are hoping to get to DC to see Josh and Liberty! And the City I've never been. Nick says I could spend my life in the Smithsonian.Finally before we have children we want to return to Nicks homeland to Family Castle. Castle Dunvegan, It's on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and we think that we may be able to do it in the next year and a half if we budget right. So lets hope!!!!!
Then we can have kids I think. The only other place I want to go is Rome and that can wait a little longer.

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