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University of Kentucky finally Makes Top 20

From the Lexington Herald Leader:

UK's student body 8th fattest, magazine finds

By Sharon Thompson


Kentucky nutritionists are cringing at this report in the October issue of Men's Fitness magazine: The University of Kentucky is eighth among the top 20 fattest colleges in America.

In the magazine's first report on the health of America's college campuses, it partnered with Princeton Review, a research organization that tracks interests and habits of college students.

Ten thousand students from more than 660 U.S. colleges and universities were asked everything from "How many pounds have you gained or lost since you started going to school?" and "How often do you work out?" to thoughts on "How would you rate the fitness facilities on your campus?" and "Does your school appear to care about how fit you are?"

The fittest schools? Brigham Young University and the University of California-Santa Barbara were No. 1 and 2, respectively.

The University of Louisiana-Lafayette and the University of New Orleans were at the top of the fattest heap.

UK students were labeled "biggest couch potatoes." The magazine said, "Wildcats spend 12.1 hours per week in front of the boob tube -- that's twice as much as the national average."

Men's Fitness added this note: "But even a love of March Madness shouldn't be able to skew the results that much. We're reckoning it's the Beverly Hillbillies marathons on Nick@Nite that may have the students glued to the screen."

The magazine's stereotyping could discredit its findings.

Beth Atnip, fitness director at UK, said, "We're doing a great job of promoting wellness on campus." The Johnson Center on south campus is free to all students with ID, and housing students have their own gym."

Students interested in better eating and exercise can find help on campus, Atnip said. They can get nutrition counseling, and exercise classes and equipment are available.

I don't think this is what Lee Todd was thinking when he set how to make UK one of the nation’s top 20 universities. Oh well, we finally made it on one level :)

On a similar note, I have been on topamax for the last month and have lost 8 pounds! And have had significantly less migraines. It's GREAT!!!!

OH and just to keep count had three more in today with the same thing about the shoes. They are all from the same school. I think I'm seeing a trend. Cheap=Stupid.


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