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I'mm Baaack!!!!!!!

I'm home! I'm tired, I'm sore, I will probably never ever fly Northwest airlines again. I have tons of pictures and lots of memories and about on hour of video. Let's see We left on the 22nd and arrived on Dublin on the 23rd.
9-22-05 3:00pm The Plane out of Lexington was about 20 min. Late boarding and once it did we sat at the gate for about 30 minutes for no good reason. We pulled away from the gate and then sat on the runway for another 20 minutes while the pilot decided wether or not we needed more fuel. Finaly almost an hour later we take off.
5:00pm The Pilot has taken another route that did cut some time off of the trip so Nick and I take a run accross Detrot Airport. We think we can make it because the plane leaves at 5:25. Well no, they moved the time up and the plance was leaving at 5:15. We got to the gate at 5:15. The door had just closed the plane was still there and we could not get on. The Princess WAS NOT HAPPY. So They reroute us through Charles DeGale. (Oringaly we were suspoed to go through to Amsterdam.) So we eat some Dinner and look through the shops.
9:10pm The plane is susposed to be boarding and its not. HARUMPH!
9:30pm The plane boards. Looks only half full. Ok This works for me it will be quiet and I can sleep.
10:10pm We are still at the gate. Another passenger asks a flight attendant wha
t is going on she says we are waiting on 50 more people from connecting flights. Are you kidding! Now you can wait?
10:30pm Pilot comes on and says that the weater is to bad and no one is allowed to land or take off. ok. I'll buy that there are huge lighting strikes outside the plane. that is fine with me. We can sit here at long as need be!
11:15pm We Finaly take off! Ok on my way to Paris. (oh goody)

9-23-05 12:00pm Welcome to Paris. I kept seeingChevy Chase in my head all through this trip. We get to Paris and by the time we ride the bus all over from terminal to terminal we have missed to plane to Dublin. Surprise, surprise, surprise. so we go the the counter and we get tickets for the next plane wich is in another 3 hours. So we have to go through security again. they scan my bag and the snoty frog tells me that my necklace is dangerous because it has a point on it. I'm really glad I kepy my cool. I about lost it at that point. WE go through security and we go a sit in the dirtiest part of the airport with the nastiest bathrooms in creation! So while we are sitting here we call Jury's Christ Church in Dublin because now we will not be getting in untill 5 or 6 so we wanted to let them know to not give away our room. Nick calls and they can not find our reservation. I'm really about to crack. THANK GOD we had our online print out with the conformation and all that on it. They told us just to bring that and they would get us in.
3:25pm Board the plane for Dublin. This one actualy went off with out much of a hitch I am shocked! we got on the bus, we got on the plane we left and we landed. WHO HOO!
4:45pm Land and go through immigration. Not a big deal hi heres my passport and here I go. wow that was easy!
5:45pm Euros: Check Luggage: Check Sanity: not so much We got a Cab and an extreamly NICE driver and finaly got to the hotel.
6:15pm Ok at the Hotel trying to check in. Hotel staff is very nice. We get and room and about crash right then and there.
8:00pm Decide that we are to tired to go out so we eat in the hotel pub. Not Bad, Not Great. But hey it served it's purpose. we ate and then we slept. and now so shall I. I will be back with another instalment and pictures tomorrow! :)


Paul K A Kell said…
What in the wide wide world of sports is a going on here? Incompetence in the airline industry? I'm shocked! Shocked I say to see there is gambling going on here...

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