Sunday, July 31, 2005

I love the Scottish!

You know there are things that fall under the heading of: "This can not end well"
please have a look at some friends of ours wedding recption last night.
This was at the end of the night around cleanup.
First we have Heidi and her new mother in law.

Heidi gets ready to swing and ...

She misses. So she tries a different approach...
And with all the grace and poise of a bride the pinata is run-thru.
The pinata was tough so Heidi tossed it to the ground to do some more damage.
The damn thing still would not give! So what do you do? CALL in the PIPER!!!!
now keep your eye on the bell....
And Keith hits it! the crowd goes wild; the bride shrieks :)And alas a final image for the evening.

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