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Bad Mood

Have you ever been in such a bad mood that you just shouldent go out in public. Well thats where I'm at today. My darling ziggy has just trashed the 5th wedding present. May I add that he has trashed only the good stuff. He dosent get the shity ugly cheep bed spread no he gets the $80 dollar comforter and the $160 Comforter cover. he dosnt get the Kmart towels he gets the bed bath and beyond towels. he then proceeds to eat the $60.00 sheets this morning. while I thought he had a chew toy.
Also to add insult to injury. Nick kicked a breaker this morning and of course all the work I had done for a wedding client was lost. I know you are susposed to save everything but it wasnt to that point yet!
That and the bank accout is negative and has been for the last 2 weeks. I do get paid tomorrow but it will be piddley.
AND I have had it with the washer and dryer! the washer is getting rust stains on my clothes and the dryer squeaks to high heaven.
My house is in Kaos and I cant do laundry so the bed room is a mess. I just feel like I am just getting deeper and deeper and there is no way out
All I want to do is call my Mom and vent and this is the one damn thing I cant do!
I hate this, I hate the way my world is right now. I hate everything!!!!!!
It's amazing how your whole world can be fliped upside down with in one week.


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