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Yankee Women are responsible for the downfall of society.

Ok so while batching to my husband about the Irish Dance Group and how what they want and what is possible are 2 totally different things we came to the conclusion that Yankee women are responsible for the downfall of society. I do not mean to generalize and this goes against my liberal Roots but this is my story with a few opinions thrown in, I make no claim that ANY of this is historically accurate, spelled right, gramatically correct, or even worth discussing. Take it for what it is: Nothing but a 24 year old spoiled daddy's girl spouting off.
Ok so that being said, here is my little rant:

SO a long time ago some Yankee women got a little uppity and decided to march in New York City. (which we all know I believe to be the worst hell hole on earth)
Well Children what did that get us? We got the right to vote. Big Deal! Now I say this as some one who has NEVER missed an election since I was 18 I have voted in every single one I was able to vote in. We cant even get a president with have a brain in the white house. The one we did get couldn't keep it in his pants or as I like to think was too good of a guy to have them all killed off like most of the other politicians out there (Chandra?) Ok so where were we? Ah yes we got to vote. And where did that take us? To WORK ick. And do you think that hurt the men's feelings?
HELL NO! They got to sit on their ass while we did the work for half as much money. Wow thanks gals. Then what happened you ask? Well you then had 2 income families because they couldn't survive on the women's salary alone. So now we have women who still feel the need to pop out the babies but now we have to work so that we can put them in soccer, dance, piano, gymnastics and everything else. But that is an entirely different issue. So we have two income families who usually both work from 8-5 and then come home and are exhausted. So what happens to the urchins? "Kids, what do you want on your pizza?" and Just go to your room and play on the computer. So now the kids are being raised on junk food and junk TV and crap on the computer like this blog and others out there. Leaving them with ADHD and other crap so we can just pop a pill down the kids throat instead of having to be a parent.
Now as a self proclaimed southern girl I have to say thank you to the yanks for the way our kids are today. Thank you for the downfall of society.


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